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Purity Ring - Belispeak / maffashion (by Juliett Kuczynska)

When you came into my life  (by Mohcine Aoki)


Friendship bracelets have come a long way over the years. While growing up, we would simply braid 3 strands of brightly colored thread together and call it a day. Fast forward to now and you’ve got all kinds of crazy techniques to express friendship with, in bracelet form. Inspired by Pinterest, my friend Jannell and I got together and “UP’ed” our friendship bracelet with a few hex screws…18 to be exact. Here’s how it’s done.

What you need for the DIY:

Roll of twine, 18 gold or silver hex nuts, scissors, tape, and your crafty hands.

- Start out but cutting 3 strands of twine (or rope) measuring out to 1 yard each. It should be long enough to wrap around your wrist 3 times.

- Tie the 3 pieces together in a knot, and secure the twine with tape to any surface.

-Begin braiding the 3 strands together. Once you braid at least an inch and a half, take your nuts and begin braiding them into the bracelet.

-When braiding you want to make sure you’re adding the nuts to the outer threads. Be sure to hold the nuts tightly with your fingers as you’re braiding, otherwise they will begin to move all over the place. That’s no bueno.

- Once you have completed adding the nuts to your braid, you’re going to want to continue braiding till about an inch is left on the thread. Then of course secure the braid with a knot.

VOILA! You’ve got yourself a fancy hex nut friendship bracelet.  -brittany


stone cold fox.


stone cold fox.


Man up: Menswear Spring 2013

       Alexander McQueen


       Ermenegildo Zegna


       John Varvatos

       Marc Jacobs


        Salvatore Ferragamo


I’ve discovered that the Vans Zapato Lo Pros are the PERFECT shoe for summer, so I decided to create three outfits to pair with the easy slip-on sneaker. No matter what the occasion is, you can bet on the Zapato Lo Pros to be the right choice to wear!

1. Wear this look for a picnic or bonfire. Being effortlessly chic starts with an oversized fleece, like the Washed Up Pullover, and the comfy Border Control Shorts. Pair fun socks with the Zapato Lo Pros, and top it off with cute accessories. I chose a funky collar (that I DIY’ed!) and my Round and Round sunnies.

2. This outfit is perfect to go shopping with the girls. Look simple and classy with a loose sheer top, nice slim skinny jeans, like the Vans Extreme Skinny Denim, and accessorize with a floppy hat. The Stud at the Beach Hat is such a cute statement piece.

3. Get a girly and romantic vibe for dinner or a date. Wear a long flowy skirt with the Beached Knit Top, and keep your essentials in a shoulder purse, like the Saddled Cross-Body Bag. Top it off with some flowers in your hair (I DIY’ed my headband here!-alyson